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Welcome to my new blog where I’ll be writing about the history and architecture of places across Chicagoland as I believe every old building has a story to tell. For years I’ve been sharing my images and historical tidbits of Chicagoland’s built environment all over social media. I think it’s time to gather them together in one place and expand further upon their histories with my photos and words. As an architecture geek, I love researching and learning about historic structures so I hope you enjoy what I have found. Subscribe to get full access to the newsletter and website. Never miss an update. You can also follow me on Twitter. Right now I have paused subscription plans because I’m only writing a couple of times a month but if you’d like to donate any money at all, please check out my Venmo. Thanks!

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Sharing photos and histories of Chicagoland's built environment.


Rachel Freundt

Writing about the history and current state of Chicagoland architecture. Venmo: @ R-L-F